8 Badass Babes in Romance Novels

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Romance novels, and, in particular, the heroines who’ve driven these stories, have had a peculiar evolution as times have changed.

From the simpering 70s secretary who has the hots for her Alpha male boss, to the more adventurous journalist or ad exec of the 90s to the current breed of business women dominating romances, literally and sexually – romance writers have always had a strong sense of what is politically correct, or, often times, incorrect and been a part of the larger social conversation in a sense. We wrote Erotica and Same-Sex love stories, way before it became culturally ‘cool’ to be sexually adventurous and/or gay.

Even Historical Romances from popular authors didn’t have wilting violets as female leads. These women were kickass. They wore flounces and bustles with as much pride as they did their sneaky feminism. Who can forget that iconic scene in…

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My writing process– Blog Tour

My writing process – Blog Tour

Hello Everyone! I’ve been sweetly manoeuvred by my writer friend Aarti V Raman to write this post on my writing process. I said manoeuvred because I still have a hard time believing that I’m a true blue M&B author and consequently in a position to offer nuggets of wisdom about an author’s writing process!

Perhaps ‘nuggets of wisdom’ is an overstatement! Because my writing process I admit with a shamefaced expression on my face, is sporadic, erratic and inconsistent! When I sit down to write I discover hitherto unknown personal traits.

I realise that cleanliness and orderliness – of my husband’s wardrobe, my daughter’s room, my book-lined study – are exceedingly urgent! The kitchen beckons invitingly and I suddenly develop the urge to try out new recipes. I log on to Facebook and remain online on Whatsapp as if they are about to go out of fashion! In short I drag my feet to the most I can!

Why then do I write? It is only when this question goes off like a halogen bulb in my procrastinating mind that I sit down at my laptop and start typing words which initially have to be coerced and cajoled. Things speed up when the editor emails with a politely stated deadline. But it requires a couple of more emails about looming deadlines to get my act together. And then I’m on my way. Glued to my desk, I write, imagine, edit, imagine, tidy up, imagine until voila! I’m done and the finished draft stares at me from my laptop.

Currently, I’m at the write, imagine stage of my third book. I have been told by my editor to make my book less dark and murky (here I would like to offer a deep sigh because my ideal heroes are tortured, arrogantly brooding souls) So, I’m working on his traits, fleshing out his motivations and pummelling him into shape.

I hope my post on writing process helps anyone who wants to write not for the non existent nuggets of wisdom but because for all my procrastinating urges, I want to admit with an imaginary Tarzan like thump of the chest, that writing is the lynchpin of my life which gives meaning and adds colour to an otherwise mundane existence. So, three cheers for everyone and anyone who has been bitten by the writing bug! Power to the writers! Published and aspiring writers of the world UNITE!    

P.S. – Aarti V Raman, I hope I have satisfactorily answered the four questions of ‘My writing process—Blog Tour”! Please excuse the rambling disorderly style and blame it on my dormant, inexperienced blogger instincts!